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Why & How to Use GIFs for Business?

Why & How to Use GIFs for Business?

Those dancing pairs of a mermaid, a bear & a few people in the comments of viral Instagram memes are the perfect example of how a few seconds of animated GIF can make someone laugh. Well, that was just one example but people are going crazy for such GIFs. GIFs might seem like just moving pictures, but we all know there's more magic to them than meets the eye. Beyond being snazzy animated images, GIFs and memes have become the language of humor for today's cool cats, especially the younger crowd.

Whether it's a reaction or a friendly greeting, consumers are hooked on GIFs, and savvy businesses are catching on to their potent charm. But can GIFs really make a positive impact on your brand? Or is it just entertaining visuals for passing the time? Let’s find out in this article.

Top 7+ Benefits of Animated GIFs for Business

Everyone knows that a funny GIF can make you laugh but no, we’re not gonna give that particular reason when we’ve a great list of advantages that an animated GIF can give to your business.

Visually Appealing

1. They’re Visually Appealing

Animated GIFs provide a visually engaging element to your content, helping to break the monotony of static images and text. Their dynamic nature attracts attention and can convey complex messages in a concise and entertaining format.

 Increase Engagement

2. They Increase Engagement

The inherent motion in GIFs encourages higher engagement rates. Whether used in email marketing, social media, or on a website, the subtle movement can captivate viewers, prompting them to spend more time interacting with your brand.

3. They’re Storytellers

Animated GIFs offer a unique opportunity to tell a brief, compelling story within seconds. This brevity is perfect for capturing the essence of your brand, promoting products, or conveying a message without requiring a significant time investment from the audience.

Improved Brand Personality

4. You’ll See an Improved Brand Personality

GIFs allow businesses to showcase their brand personality playfully and creatively. By incorporating humor or distinctive visuals, you can leave a lasting impression on your audience, helping to humanize your brand and make it more relatable.

Versatile in Communication

5. They’re Versatile in Communication

Whether demonstrating product features, showcasing behind-the-scenes moments, or highlighting customer testimonials, animated GIFs are a versatile communication tool. They can effectively convey a range of messages, making them suitable for various marketing objectives.

Compatible and Shareable

6. They’re Super Compatible and Shareable

Animated GIFs are widely supported across different platforms and devices, ensuring compatibility across various marketing channels. Additionally, their easy shareability makes them an ideal format for social media, enabling your audience to spread your content organically.

Who Doesn’t Want More Click-Through Rates?

7. Who Doesn’t Want More Click-Through Rates?

When strategically placed GIFs in email campaigns or social media posts, animated GIFs can significantly boost click-through rates. The eye-catching nature of GIFs encourages users to take action, whether it's visiting a website, exploring a product, or participating in a promotion.

They’re Memorable

8. They’re Memorable:

Animated GIFs have a unique ability to stick in the viewer's memory. The combination of motion and visuals makes your content more memorable, ensuring that your brand or message lingers in the minds of your audience long after they've encountered it. This can contribute to better brand recall and recognition over time.

How to Use Animated GIFs for Business?

Of course, GIFs have so many applications and you can literally use them everywhere. From your chats to business conversations, from GIFs in businesses to GIFs on a digital banner, there are so many options to choose from, and here are some of them:

  • Social Media Engagement:

Use GIFs in your posts to showcase products, share snippets of your company culture, or add a touch of humor to your brand. Platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram support GIFs and provide an excellent opportunity to connect with your audience.

  • Email Marketing:

Use animated GIFs in email marketing campaigns to make your messages more visually appealing. Whether it's showcasing new products, announcing promotions, or adding a touch of interactivity to your emails, GIFs can significantly enhance engagement and click-through rates.

  • Website Content Enhancement:

Consider using GIFs in product galleries, how-to guides, or customer testimonials. Overusing GIFs in blogs or websites can make your website load slowly but using them wisely can make your website look more creative and attention-grabbing.

  • Product Demonstrations:

When introducing new products or features, use animated GIFs to create concise and compelling demonstrations. This visual format allows you to highlight key functionalities, showcase product details, and provide potential customers with a quick overview, increasing their understanding and interest.

  • Team Introductions and Behind-the-Scenes:

Whether it's showcasing your workspace, introducing team members, or sharing moments from company events, GIFs can add a personal touch to your brand and foster a sense of connection with your audience.

  • Presentations and Reports:

Use GIFs to explain key points, visualize statistics, or add a touch of creativity to an otherwise text-heavy presentation. This can be particularly effective in internal communications or when presenting complex information to clients.

  • Ad Campaigns:

Not to mention, using animated GIFs in your video ads boosts its effectiveness. Whether it's display ads, social media ads, or sponsored content, the dynamic nature of GIFs can hook the audience and deliver your message more effectively than static images.

8 Simple Steps to Create GIFs?

Creating GIFs is a fantastic way to add a touch of pizzazz to your content and express your creativity. Thankfully, you don't need a degree in rocket science to whip up these animated wonders and it's a surprisingly straightforward process. Let’s check out 8 simple steps to create GIFs:

#Step 1: Choose Your Material

Begin with deciding what you want your GIF to showcase. It could be a series of images, a snippet from a video, or even a combination of both. Whether you're capturing your cat's hilarious antics or highlighting product features, having a clear idea sets the stage.

#Step 2: Snag the Right Tools

You don't need a fancy studio setup to make GIFs; there are plenty of user-friendly tools out there. Websites like Giphy, Imgflip, and Canva offer easy-to-use GIF-making features. If you're feeling adventurous, desktop software like Adobe Photoshop or online tools like EZGIF provides more advanced options.

#Step 3: Capture or Select Your Media

If you're starting from scratch, capture a series of images or a short video clip using your smartphone or camera. Alternatively, if you're repurposing existing content, ensure you have the images or video clip ready to roll.

#Step 4: Edit and Trim

Once you've got your material, it's time to trim the excess. Most GIF-making tools allow you to edit the duration of each frame. Keep it short and sweet. GIFs are all about delivering a quick burst of entertainment.

#Step 5: Add Some Flair

Spice things up by adding text, stickers, or filters to your GIF. This is where your creative genius can truly shine. Consider the mood you want to convey: playful, informative, or downright silly, and let your imagination run wild.

#Step 6: Choose Your Loop Style

Decide how you want your GIF to loop. Options usually include playing it once, looping continuously, or bouncing back and forth. Experiment with different styles to see what fits your content best.

#Step 7: Optimize for Sharing

Keep an eye on the file size. While GIFs are fantastic, they can get a bit hefty. Optimize your creation to ensure it's easily shareable across various platforms without compromising on quality.

#Step 8: Save and Share

Once you're satisfied with your masterpiece, hit that save button. Download the GIF to your device and start sharing the magic.


Even after being one of the best resources to grab audience attention, GIFs aren’t used to their full potential. With focusing more on videos and static images, GIFs are often overlooked. But as we’ve seen above, in the quest for consumer attention, creativity reigns supreme allowing businesses to experiment with visual storytelling, humor, and brand personality.

If you’re looking to create smooth and scroll-stopping animated GIFs for your business, then you’re just one click away. Wow Animation excels in the art of creativity GIFs that speaks for brands. Book a meeting with us at “Wow Animation” now to create a bunch of animated GIFs and mascots for your brand.



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