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Top 10 Successful Animated Ads of All Time

Top 10 Successful Animated Ads of All Time

The advertising industry is evolving day by day and innovating in a fast way that no one can ever think of. Thousands of brands are focusing on making their ads stand out and get the eyes of their audience. But is it easy? Definitely not, why should someone give your brand attention when hundreds of the biggest brands are hungry for attention? This is where animation comes into play.

An average person faces 5k-10k ads daily and above 99% of ads are the same live-action banners craving attention. And here, animated ads set your brand aside from the crowd and make your ad special, unique, and different. That’s why the world's biggest brands from Google to Microsoft continuously use animated ads for their video marketing.

In this article, we’re gonna have a look at the top 10 animated ads of all time that have attracted millions of eyes and have made their brand go viral.

What Makes Animated Ads Special?

Don’t fool yourself by saying animation is just for kids and it doesn’t have anything to do with business. Grow up, and look around how Fortune 500 companies are using animated commercials. The psychological impact of animation on the human brain is beyond just attraction and retention. Here is how:

  • The brain is wired to remember visual information better than text. Animated ads leverage this by creating memorable and visually stimulating content.

  • The combination of colors, movement, and characters in animation enhances memory retention, ensuring that the message stays imprinted in the viewer's mind for a more extended period.

  • Animation often simplifies complex information through visual metaphors and symbolism. This eases cognitive processing for the viewer, as the brain can comprehend and retain information more effectively when presented in a visually digestible format.

  • The dynamic nature of animation, with its changing scenes and movements, engages both the visual and auditory processing centers. This multisensory experience enhances neurological engagement, capturing and maintaining the viewer's attention more effectively than static content.

  • Animation has the power to influence decision-making processes by creating a positive association with the advertised product or service.

  • Through storytelling and character development, animated ads can evoke specific emotions that impact the viewer's preferences and choices.

Top 10 Animated Ads of All Time

1. Coca Cola’s Polar Bear Ad

In 1993, the Coca-Cola polar bears made their animated debut in a film titled "Northern Lights." The success of this venture marked the beginning of a new era, with the polar bears transitioning from sporadic appearances to becoming integral to Coca-Cola's advertising landscape.

Fast forward to 2012, and the Polar Bears were back in the spotlight with a live advertising campaign reacting to the Super Bowl. This innovative move by the Coca-Cola Company, described as "a brilliant marketing move," showcased the enduring and adaptive nature of the polar bear campaign, proving its ability to evolve with the times and continue captivating audiences in new and unexpected ways.

2. Mindfulness (Apple)

In response to the growing concerns over excessive screen time, Apple strategically reinforced its brand ethos through a proactive move. Introducing mindfulness features in their Health app, Apple complemented this innovation with a captivating video.

This brief yet impactful story advocates the transformative influence of incorporating moments of stillness into one's daily routine. Beyond showcasing a new app feature, the commercial distinctly cements Apple's role as a trendsetters in the realm of lifestyle technology. The use of animation not only made the content visually compelling but also underscored Apple's commitment to innovation and creativity in advertising.

3. Stories of Better (Toyota)

In anticipation of the prestigious Paris Motor Show, Toyota unfolded the narrative of its brand through "Stories of Better." This visually captivating video, adorned with intricate paper models, skillfully communicates Toyota's overarching brand message. Unlike conventional car commercials centered on a specific model, this masterpiece portrays the entire spectrum of Toyota vehicles, each meticulously designed to excel in its category.

By seamlessly integrating its commitment to excellence, Toyota transforms a promotional animated video into a narrative of value, steering away from the traditional sales-focused approach. Displayed on a grand LED screen at the Motor Show, this innovative storytelling captivated over 1,000,000 attendees, showcasing Toyota's diverse lineup and reinforcing its dedication to automotive excellence.

4. Be Together. Not The Same (Android)

Breaking the conventional norms of phone commercials, Android took a daring leap by presenting "Be Together. Not The Same" without showcasing a single phone. The risk proved to be a calculated success as the commercial seamlessly engaged in the ongoing social dialogue about bullying.

Beyond conventional advertising, Android's animated video ad becomes a powerful agent for inspiration, fostering courage, compassion, and connection. In this bold move, the brand not only contributes to a meaningful conversation but also strengthens its global identity, building lasting affinity among its audience.

5. Imagine What You Could Do (American Express)

American Express flips the script with "Imagine What You Could Do," a credit card commercial that's more rock concert than a corporate pitch. No boring boardrooms here – just a wild ride into the unexpected side of careers at American Express.

Forget everything you thought you knew about credit card ads. This isn't a recruitment video; it's a backstage pass to the coolest gigs in tech, big data, and social media. American Express throws the rulebook out the window, and with over 42,000 views on YouTube, it seems like the audience is loving the encore.

6. Gold (American Express)

American Express secures a well-deserved spot on our roster with an animated gem highlighting the perks of their Amex Gold card. Social media was the stage for this vibrant video, where an uplifting soundtrack meets a groovy '70s color palette and playful illustrations, crafting a creative narrative around the premium credit card's advantages.

What steals the spotlight? The seamless transitions between scenes are a testament to animation's prowess in achieving the impossible for live video. In the realm of animated brilliance, this video sets the gold standard, showcasing the true magic of visual storytelling.

7. Whey Forward (MyProtein)

"Fermented, not farmed" might not be the next "Shaken, not stirred," but MyProtein's mesmerizing animated video effortlessly communicates a game-changing product concept: protein powder without the need for cows. In the realm of animation, it's not just about what the video explicitly states but the unspoken messages it conveys.

The vibrant, playful style of the video speaks volumes about MyProtein's identity—modern, youthful, forward-thinking, and aspirational. In a fiercely competitive market, this animation isn't just a showcase of innovation; it's a bold statement of being refreshingly different. Sometimes, it's not about the words; it's about the vivid strokes of animation that paint a picture of distinction in a crowded landscape.

8. Project Sunroof (Google)

Google's "Project Sunroof" video exemplifies the power of animated storytelling, seamlessly simplifying even the most intricate concepts. The video marked the launch of Google's initiative, integrating solar power generation estimates into Google Maps to enlighten homeowners on potential savings by transitioning to solar power. Despite the complexity, Google crafts a concise narrative in under two minutes.

The effectiveness speaks for itself; with over 3 million views, this animated commercial resonated widely. Now, Project Sunroof shines live across the United States, showcasing not only the success of the initiative but also the impact of a well-crafted animated narrative in making sophisticated ideas accessible to the masses

9. Aliens (Cadbury Dairy Milk)

Cadbury indulges in a delightful dance of flavors with their animated commercial, artfully portraying the texture and taste of their milk chocolate. In a whimsical twist, the creamy goodness is so irresistible that even aliens can't resist breaking into a dance. The infectious groove of the catchy dance and background song ensures this advertising animation lingers in our minds.

The numbers speak volumes; with over 127 million views on YouTube, this Cadbury animated ad has truly struck a chord. It's a testament to the power of a playful, straightforward approach, reminding us that sometimes, winning over potential customers is as sweet as a well-choreographed chocolate dance.

10. Nespresso on Ice

In just 30 seconds, Nespresso's 2017 animated ad unfolds a summer daydream, enticing us with the refreshing allure of their limited-edition ice blends. The vibrant animation swiftly transports us to a world of cool indulgence, capturing the essence of intense iced coffee.

The choice of summery background music and thoughtfully selected sound effects replace the need for a voice-over, creating a sensory experience that immerses us in the visual symphony. With over 211k views on YouTube, this advertisement animation not only quenches the thirst for a cool sip but also serves as a captivating example of how concise storytelling and sensory appeal can make a lasting impression.

How “Wow Animation” Can Help Your Advertising Crush Your Competition?

“Wow Animation” is not just a company that provides video advertising services but we’re learners who deeply understand how your audience’s brain processes information and create 2D animated video ads specifically tailored for your brand that makes your people stop their scrolls.

  • We utilize colors strategically, tapping into the psychology of color to evoke specific emotions and enhance visual appeal.

  • We understand the art of storytelling, using pacing techniques that align with human attention spans and keep viewers engaged throughout the animated journey.

  • By incorporating elements that trigger emotional responses, we ensure that your message goes beyond information, creating a memorable and resonant experience.

  • Every frame is crafted with precision, considering visual cues that guide the viewer's attention and enhance the overall impact of the animated ad.

  • With insights from neuroscience, we align motion, visuals, and storytelling to connect with the viewer at a cognitive level, leaving a lasting impression.

Wow Animation doesn't just create ads; we craft a distinctive visual identity for your brand, ensuring that your business stands out in the competitive landscape of video advertising.

Don’t forget to check out videos that we’ve created for our clients in our portfolio.


Examining the animated ad examples showcased earlier, it's evident that these commercials transcend mere product introduction; they seamlessly integrate entertainment, becoming memorable experiences for viewers. As we look to the future, the role of animated ads is poised to expand even further. With advancements in technology, particularly augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR), the immersive potential of animated storytelling will reach new heights. Imagine consumers not just watching an ad but stepping into a vivid, interactive animated world that surrounds and engages them.

There is no exception to the success of animated ads, that’s why more brands are realizing its impact. If you’re looking to use animation commercials for your business, then don’t hesitate to reach out to us. With over 6 years of experience and delivering over 800 successful projects to 500+ global clients, we’re experts in the field of video animation. Book a call with us now!



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