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Top 10 Benefits of Using Animation in Video Advertising

Top 10 Benefits of Using Animation in Video Advertising

55% of video marketers created animated video in 2022

Today’s brands know no limits to creativity. Brands have evolved and are advertising in a way that no one has ever imagined. Not only brands, but today’s audience is also evolved and they need something unique that can grab their attention, just like animation.

No matter how good your product/service is if your advertising isn’t effective. In a sea of millions of live-action ads, animated ads stand out as an island of limitless creativity & uniqueness. So if you’re one of those advertisers who’s thinking of creating a live-action ad, stop right there. Go through this list of the top 10 benefits of using animated videos for your business that’ll convert your ordinary advertising into extraordinary.

Benefits of Using Animated Videos in Your Video Advertising

Heightened Viewer Engagement
1. Heightened Viewer Engagement

Motion is a magnet for attention. Animated videos keep viewers hooked, encouraging them not only to stop scrolling but also to actively engage with your content. The dynamic nature of animation ensures that your audience is captivated from the first frame to the last.

Beyond Imagination, Beyond Boundaries
2. Beyond Imagination, Beyond Boundaries

Animation is a language that knows no boundaries. It speaks to audiences of all ages and cultures, making it a powerful tool for global marketing campaigns. Your animated ads become a universal story that resonates with diverse viewers, transcending language barriers and cultural nuances. It's not just about reaching a global audience; it's about crafting an animated narrative that speaks intimately to hearts and minds across diverse corners of the world.

Uniqueness of Brand
3. Uniqueness of Brand

In the sea of video ads, standing out is crucial. Animated video ads, with their unique visual language, leave a lasting imprint on memory. Study shows an average person is exposed to

4k to 10k daily ads, and your ad’s chance of being noticed and remembered is less than 1%. But using animated ads in the crowd of live-action will make your brand look special. The dynamic nature of animation also enhances brand recall, ensuring that your message stays with the audience long after they've encountered your content.

Powerhouse of Emotions
4. Powerhouse of Emotions

Animated videos forge emotional connections that resonate deeply with viewers. Whether it's a heartfelt character or a compelling storyline, animation has the power to evoke emotions that drive consumer attachment. You can use animated marketing videos to not just convey a message but to leave an emotional imprint on your audience.

 Shareability Alchemy
5. Shareability Alchemy

Animated videos are inherently shareable. The dynamic and visually appealing nature of animated content makes it more likely to be shared across social media platforms. Leverage this viral potential to amplify the reach of your video advertising, turning viewers into advocates who willingly spread your animated message.

Adaptability Across Platforms
6. Adaptability Across Platforms

Animated ads seamlessly adapt to various platforms and screen sizes. Whether viewed on a smartphone, tablet, or desktop, the visual appeal and impact remain consistent. This adaptability ensures that your animated video ads maintain their effectiveness across diverse digital landscapes, reaching audiences wherever they are.

Simplifies Complex Ideas & Concepts
7. Simplifies Complex Ideas & Concepts

Ever struggled to explain a complex concept in a 30-second video ad? Animation is your solution. Whether it's explaining intricate processes or introducing a novel product, animation simplifies the narrative, making it easily digestible for your audience. It breaks down complex ideas into simplified visuals, making your message crystal clear.

Enhanced Brand Retention
8. Enhanced Brand Retention

Studies show that people remember 95% of a message when it's in video format. Animated videos take this to the next level, enhancing information retention by transforming your message into a visually memorable experience. Your audience not only retains but internalizes your brand story.

 Cost-effective in Long Run
9. Cost-effective in Long Run

Contrary to the misconception that animation is prohibitively expensive, creating animated videos can be cost-effective in the long run. Once you have your animated assets, they can be repurposed for various campaigns, saving you both time and resources compared to live-action shoots.

Maximized Return On Investment (ROI)

10. Maximized Return On Investment (ROI)

Animated videos, with their timeless appeal and shareability, continue to yield returns over an extended period, making them a strategic and lucrative investment in your brand's future. As your audience engages, shares, and connects with your animated content, the dividends in brand visibility and customer loyalty contribute significantly to a maximized return on investment.

Pro Tip?

  • Psychological Resonance:

Animated characters, with their exaggerated expressions and relatable traits, tap into viewers' subconscious, forging a psychological connection. This connection is rooted in the phenomenon known as the "mere exposure effect," where repeated exposure to charming animated elements cultivates a sense of familiarity and warmth.

As your audience subconsciously embraces these characters, their positive associations become linked to your brand, fostering a deep-seated affection that transcends rationality. It's not just a visual feast; it's a strategic journey into the minds and hearts of your audience, creating a psychological bond that makes them not just consumers but devoted admirers of your brand.

How “Wow Animation” Can Boost Your Advertising with Animation?

At Wow Animation, we don't just create animated video ads; we engineer them with a deep understanding of human psychology and neuroscience.

  • We study your target audience, their behaviors, preferences, and pain points.

  • By leveraging psychological insights, we craft video ads that evoke the right emotions, creating a memorable connection with viewers.

  • We employ cognitive triggers to ensure that key brand messages are stored in the viewer's memory, making them more likely to recall your ad later.

  • Our storytelling prowess ensures that the narrative of your video ad is designed to engage, captivate, and motivate action.

  • We apply neuroscientific principles & color psychology to create content that maximizes viewer attention and engagement.

  • We incorporate proven persuasion techniques to guide viewers toward the desired action, making your video ad more effective.

  • We take insights from behavioral economics to optimize your video ad for better decision-making triggers.

  • Our video ads are designed with a focus on user experience, ensuring that viewers find them engaging and effortless to interact with.


As we embrace the future, let animation be the brushstroke that paints your brand as a dynamic, memorable, and emotionally resonant entity in the vast canvas of advertising. It's not merely about conveying a message; it's about creating a narrative that lingers in the minds and hearts of your audience, setting your brand apart as a true pioneer in the ever-evolving landscape of digital advertising.

Creating a commercial and getting success isn't as easy as it looks. Your commercial can make or break your brand. That’s why to create an ad that’ll 10X your impact on your audience and make them love your brand, create animated ads with Wow Animations. Book a free call with us now!



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