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Wow Animations Cheatsheet


Marketing Strategy 
Cheat sheet"

This cheatsheet provides practical tips and techniques for using animation to revolutionize b2b marketing and sales like never before, including how animation has phycological impact on brain , how animation can give you great results on investment. By following the tips outlined in this cheat sheet, businesses can effectively use animation to build a strong and recognizable brand identity that resonates with their target audience.

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Working with "wow animation" was an incredibly smooth process. The result was beyond my expectations and will definitely be coming back for more!

Shawn Vela

17-Time Emmy® Award Winning Film Producer, Director, Documentarian, and Video Development Specialist. 




Wow animation studio created campaign animated video and Campaign received great results. They actually do what they say .

Abdallah Battah

Premier Digital Marketing Trainer , Consultant
in Jordan, UAE, and KSA. 



In this FREE CHEATSHEET You'll Quickly Discover..

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Understanding Marketing Mindset

Before you market any product or service and apply any strategy , it is crucial for marketers to adapt right mindset for better results

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Choosing ROI Driven Content Style

This section will help you understand

why incorporating animation into marketing is best return on investment 

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Understanding Impact of Animation

Learn how animation can make your content on social media ,funnel and campaigns ,more engaging and attention grabbing with proven analytics 

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Incorporating Strategy into Marketing

Learn the best 12 applications of incorporating animation into marketing startegy and how does this drive results to your marketing 

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How to Benefit from Brain Stimulations

Animation can be a powerful tool for capturing and retaining peoples attention because it stimulates multiple parts of the brain, making it effective marketing strategy

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Bonus Tip 

Learn how to stand out from crowd and create your own idenetity in highly competati

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