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Animation to 

 Crush Your Competition

Why Wow Animation
Why Wow Animation
Why Wow Animation

Customers Get Hooked

Complex Concepts Effortlessly Simplified

Conversions Soar
Higher Than Ever Before

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Need Animation For Your Brand?

Let's turn heads, make jaws drop, and leave your competitors in the dust.

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   What Can We Create For You?  
Animations To Elevate Your Marketing And Boost Sales

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We know you're serious about your goals, and so we are.

Why Animated Videos?

When it comes to the impact of animation on business, the numbers don't lie!

Wow Animation Brand Ambassidor

  1. 85%: Percentage of people who are more likely to be attracted to a brand that uses animation in their marketing.

  2. 80%: Increase in information retention when using animated content compared to text-only content.

  3. 120%: Higher engagement rates with animated videos compared to static content.

  4. 95%: Effectiveness of explainer videos with animation in conveying brand messages and product/service information.

  5. 20%: Boost in conversion rates when utilizing animation in marketing campaigns.

  6. 70%: Increase in brand trust and credibility when incorporating animation into branding efforts.


Wow Animation Studio Deliver Very High- Quality First Drafts, listen carefully to all the notes and executed all the adjustments, Steller. like 1 2 3!!  they are very Reliable and Excellent Communicators

Mikhail Torich 

Wow Animation Clients Globally




✅ Ad/Marketing/Social Media Agencies

✅Saas Companies

Post-Production houses/companies

✅ Animation Production Houses 

✅App Developers


❌ Anything related to the tobacco industry
❌Anything related to the military
❌ Fossil-Fuel companies
❌ Drop-shipping companies


Hurry Up

We Have Helped To Break Through Clutter

fox logo_white-01.png

We literally wrote a book on
How To Elevate Your Brand Recognition and Attention, Create High-Conversion Content and Maximize your Profits Using Animation

Ritu Shinde Book

Animation has been used by brands like Google, Apple, Dairy Milk , Wimbledon , American Express, Gatorade , Oreo, Coca-cola, Ford, United Airline and many more. 

9 game-changing strategies detailed in this book are powerful and extremely effective for every
brand, entrepreneur, author, marketing manager or leader, who dreams of impacting the target audience, dominate market and crush competition,
this book is key to unlock it.

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Thrilled clients are our speciality!
See What They Have to Say About Our Service.

I have been in industry for 20 years, When I work on project, I want to work with the best. And when it comes to animation, I can only trust Wow Animation Studios

Prynce P

Wow Animation Clients Globally


  • What does a Wow Animation actually Do?
    At Wow Animation, we specialize in revolutionizing the insurance industry through our expertise in creating captivating animated content. By understanding your insurance business inside and out, we assess your target audience and develop visually stunning animated videos that simplify complex policies, educate customers, and elevate communication. Our dedicated team continuously evaluates the effectiveness of our work, ensuring the perfect balance between your marketing objectives and the results achieved. However, what sets Wow Animation apart is our unwavering commitment to go beyond mere balance. Our ultimate goal is to help your insurance company crush competitors, transform website visitors into enthusiastic buyers, and deliver an exceptional return on investment. With Wow Animation, prepare to leave a lasting impression and soar above the competition with our unmatched creativity and expertise in animated storytelling.
  • How long does it take to create an animated video?
    The time required to create an animated video can vary depending on factors such as the complexity of the project, the length of the video, and the level of customization required. At Wow Animation, we work closely with our clients to provide estimated timelines based on project specifications.
  • How can animated videos benefit my insurance company?
    Animation is a game-changer for the insurance industry. It's a powerful tool that takes complex policies and transforms them into visually captivating experiences. With animation, insurance companies can communicate their offerings in a way that captivates and engages customers like never before. By simplifying intricate concepts and presenting them in a visually appealing manner, animation helps customers easily understand their coverage options and make informed decisions. It injects creativity and excitement into marketing efforts, allowing insurance companies to stand out in a sea of competitors. Animation isn't just about making things look pretty; it's about delivering results. It improves customer understanding, boosts engagement, and drives higher conversion rates. In the competitive landscape of insurance, leveraging animation is the key to unlocking success and leaving a lasting impact on customers.
  • What types of insurance-related content can be created through animation?
    Animation offers versatility in creating various types of insurance-related content, including explainer videos, policy overviews, claims process explanations, customer testimonials, educational content, and promotional campaigns. The possibilities are virtually limitless, allowing you to tailor the content to your specific marketing goals.


Wow Animation Clients Testimonial

Working with "wow animation" was an incredibly smooth process. The result was beyond my expectations and will definitely be coming back for more!

Shawn Vela

17-Time Emmy® Award Winning Film Producer, Director, Documentarian, and Video Development Specialist. 

Wow Animation Clients Globally


Wow Animation Clients Testimonial

Great Creative Campaign Video by Wow Animation. They really put Creativity into it without loosing the Message to be delivered.

Abdallah Battah

Premier Digital Marketing Trainer , Consultant
in Jordan, UAE, and KSA. 

Wow Animation Clients Globally


So, what's the next move, my friend?
Don't procrastinate on this game-changing opportunity.

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Discover  1.Is Animation Worth Considering For Your Business? 2. How Animation Can Supercharge Your Results? 3. What are Diverse Video Possibilities? 4. Get Customized Quote

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